1.5 Hour Tour

    2.5 Hour Tour

      Sunrise/Sunset Tour

        Monument Valley Loop Drive Tour

        Explore the magnificent Monument Valley with a local Navajo guide

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        To get extra preciousness of Monument Valley

        Customer Testimonials

        • Our tour guide was really funny interesting and talkative. He helped us take some pictures that were even better covers of some magazines. We love him so much.
        • Our reservation is automatically confirmed once we booked the order. The process is really time-saving and convenient.
        • We got the chance to visit the restricted area and saw a lot of amazing attractions. Since it was 2.5 hours long, we got plenty of time to shoot beautiful pictures and shared with my friends through Ingram immediately. They all felt jealous. Come and visit!
        • Appreciate for this memorable experience.
        • I’ve travelled many countries and places. Monument Valley is the only place that I want to come back and visit again.
        • We selected this tour for taking wedding dress photos. You can’t imagine how beautiful my love looked under the sunrise. We’ve decided to bring our children here in the future to take family photos! Thanks for the experience and excellent service.
        • Monument Valley was not on my traveling plan at first. I drove passed it on my way to Antelope canyon. The beautiful view was impressive. I can’t stop myself driving back and signed up this tour to see this ancient land more closely. Thank god I didn’t miss such a great place on my road trip.
        • I am a professional photographer and spent a whole day here in order to record the sunrise and sunset. I will never forget moments I experienced here. Thanks for the gift of nature.
        • The sunrise tour begins at 6:30am and the outside is pretty cold. We regret not wearing warm clothes.
        • Remember to clear the storage of you camera and leave enough space. I promise you will not stop using cameras every second during the tour. I love it.
        • Our tour guide is very friendly and experienced. He known this area pretty well and shared many interesting things with us.
        • Trust me, if you take the sunset tour, don’t forget to have a look of the star-shining sky above your head. Unbelievable and unforgettable!
        • Since I visited Monument Valley and joined this tour, I’ve recommended this place to all my friends and family members who plan to visit Arizona and Utah.
        • Please remember to do enough sun protection when join this tour. The illumination is very strong. But this place really deserves a visit.
        • The most spectacular natural landscape I ever seen.


        • Q: Where is Monument Valley?

          A: Monument Valley is located on the southern border of Utah with northern Arizona. The valley lies within the range of the Navajo Nation Reservation, and is accessible from U.S. Highway 163.

        • Q: When is the best time to visit Monument Valley?

          A: Monument Valley is accessible to visitors year round. Because of the location of the Valley the weather conditions range from cool in the winter to hot in the summer. The time of year to visit depends on what conditions most suit the visitor.

        • Q: What is the time zone of Monument Valley?

          A: All tour times are based on Mountain Standard Time. There is a 1 hour time difference between Utah and Arizona so keep that in mind when you are booking.

        • Q: Are tour vehicles comfortable to seat?

          A: Our vehicles are open air trucks that seat 12 people comfortably or you could reserve a closed in vehicle. We do have pet friendly vehicles. Please be sure to reserve and specify which you prefer.

        • Q: Any things to prepare?

          A: Wear hiking shoes, bring a fully charged phone or camera, and a hat and raincoat if the weather permits.

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